Security Awareness Education


Given the shift in cybercrime to being big business, greater creativity is being applied to the methods of accessing systems e.g. surfing social media, surfing companies web sites and targeting specific individuals to name a few, it is more important than ever to ensure our employees can recognise the truth amongst the plethora of crafted spoof communications.

The threat is the exploitation of peoples trust and compliance (especially with senior management requests) combined with the instant service mentality prevalent today.



To combat the inventiveness of the cybercriminal, companies need to develop:

  • Internal Security Awareness Education programs that focus on how to avoid    being exploited
  • Internal policies and procedures for financial transactions
  • Internal policies and procedures for giving out company information via    the telephone
  • Internal policies and procedures for such things a password management
  • Social network use policies and procedures



Resulting from the development and implementation of a number of these approaches the business will benefit from:

  • Better informed staff reducing the likelihood of an incident occurring    from ignorance
  • Increased security when it comes to handling financial transactions over    the internet
  • Reduced likelihood of corporate information being used to construct a social hack
  • Minimised risk of fraudulent transactions or systems being affected by Ransomware
  • Enhanced security 


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Free whitepaper

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