Realtime Endpoint Security


Cyber criminals like to exchange your data for money! It is no longer amateur hour and the threat today includes:

  • Increased use of ransomware
  • Growth in polymorphic malware
  • Growth in Ransomware as a Service enabling cybercriminals without knowledge or resources to easily create their own package for delivery
  • Growth in unsecured Internet of Things (IoT) e.g. home routers, IP enabled fridges, IP cameras etc, susceptible to being used as BotNets
  • Increase in Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP’s) on mobile devises/smart phones



To avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminal’s, today’s solution needs to be:

  • A scalable cloud based service available 24x7
  • Cloud based service for protection globally
  • Utilising a global threat Intelligence platform to continuously learn and analyses emerging threats
  • A predictive Service based on a combination of machine learning and contextual analysis
  • Easily updated with the latest AV/AM footprint



Adoption of the right solution should benefit business by:

  • Having a detection methodology that permits zero-day threats to be actioned
  • Updates performed in real time
  • Always up to date protection based on latest data
  • Smallest signature footprint increasing performance
  • Protecting Users wherever they operate


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Free whitepaper

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