Protection Without Compromise


Today we live in a cybersecurity arms race that has seen threats grow to include emerging technologies including:

  • An increase in encrypted malware aimed at HTTPS connections, 
  • Growth in Ransomware as a Service, paralleling the growth in the Internet of    Things (IoT)
  • Ransomware change from encrypting files to whole discs
  • Emergence of Phishing as a Service making this more readily available to    cyber criminals
  • Increases in malware aimed at the Android operating system.
  • Use of unsecured IoT devices to launch Denial of Service attacks
  • Exploit kits becoming more available to the lay cyber criminal
  • Growth in the use of BYOD not secured to corporate standards



To win the cybersecurity race we need a solution that:

  • Provides 24 x7 identification of threats and updates
  • Can perform SSL.TLS inspection
  • Can filter content on firewalls
  • Performs Deep Packet Inspection of data loads
  • Can control an organisations application use
  • Can be applied to wired and wireless infrastructures with the same rigour
  • Uses integrated products to deliver multiple layers of defence



Adding this layer of physical protection delivers business benefit in the form of:

  • Control of bandwidth utilisation
  • Control of applications in use
  • Unified security across wired and wireless infrastructure 
  • Enhanced secure remote access services
  • Best of breed solutions used in multi layered approach

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Free whitepaper

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