Email Security & Continuity


Email is an essential business tool but is constantly under threat from:

  • Phishing & whaling attacks
  • Targeted threats
  • Social engineering and impersonation attacks
  • Malicious URL’s
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Loss of IP/corporate data via email



To protect against this non-stop email threat, a service with the following characteristics is recommended:

  • Global coverage and operates 24x7
  • Has email continuity should your system be compromised
  • Uses a unique email inspection protocol to validate attachments and URL’s 
  • Protects Users against impersonation attacks  
  • Cloud based to deliver protection anywhere users operate
  • Inspects incoming, outgoing and internal email for potential threats or data leaks



Businesses benefits from this approach:

  • Always on anywhere protection
  • Threats are stopped before reaching your network
  • Improved performance of the email system
  • Detection  methodology permits even zero day threats to be captured, 
  • eMail continuity permits operation when internal systems are compromised/taken off line for maintenance/upgrades
  • IT staff freed up to work on more business focused IT activities



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Free whitepaper

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