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There are many statistics that highlight the importance of having good data backups should disasters occur.  The likelihood of a disaster, in the traditional sense e.g. flood, remains constant but with the global growth in cybercrime the threat of a disaster occurring has increased exponentially resulting in an increased likelihood of business being crippled by no access to data.  The results of such a disaster include:

  • Encrypted data requiring payment to recover
  • Lost data – having to recreate lost work not saved when the disaster struck
  • Lost systems – business databases locked up
  • Lack of compliance
  • Lost reputation 



The establishment of a fully automated backup routine combined with offsite storage can protect business against these threats should they occur.  Key points for consideration for the solution include:

  • Established Recovery Point Object (RPO) 
  • Establish Recovery Time Object (RTO)
  • Establish automated offsite backup solution that meets the RTO and    RPO requirements
  • Establish alternate location for recovering data and systems
  • Establish DRP/BCP plan and test every 6 months



The resulting benefits of adopting this approach include:

  • A disaster recovery plan/business continuity plan is in place 
  • An alternate physical location to operate from has been identified and established
  • The time to recovery is a known quantity
  • Recovery and restoration of systems, folders and individual files can be performed
  • Positioned to deal with compliance and legal requirements
  • No lost reputation
  • Not held to ransom by cybercriminals


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